Thursday, March 24, 2011

Math: Length and Weight

Last year I found these wonderful math stations from Lakeshore.  I love them, but I felt they needed a student response page.  Here is what I came up with.

If you don't have the Lakeshore product, you could adapt it for your needs.
You can download them here:
Weight   Length


  1. I have both of these centers. Thanks for sharing your response sheet. We will definitely be putting it to use in my classroom!

  2. I have been wishing for both of those centers and think it might finally be time for me to purchase them! I love your response sheets as well, thank you for sharing them! One thing about the weight response sheet, it says "Which is feels lighter/heavier?" Just a note!

  3. Melissa, Thanks for being my editor! Crud! These are on my school computer. I may have to wait to redo them.

  4. Melissa, I fixed my error and I uploaded the corrected version. Thanks again!

  5. Hi

    I thought these were great. I don't have the products but thought I would make my own. I went to download the originals and the weight one says I don't have permission. I was wondering if you can email it to me. Thanks so much.

    Kelli Lundie


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