Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sticks and Stones...

So I started thinking about my post "Meet the Teacher" and what I truely valued... wheels started turning... then I remembered a poem I had read a long time ago.

I think I will post this in my classroom and teach it to my students.  I think it will benefit us two ways; 1) to remind the students to speak to each other with kindness 2) to remind me that my words have a huge impact on others.

 Sticks and Stones

How do you promote kindness in your classroom?


  1. I love the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud. I have used it with Kindergarteners and 3rd graders in the past, and it really seems to make a difference.

  2. Hi,
    Love your blog! so many great ideas!! Do you have the word family poems in a word or pdf file? if so, could i have those? I am wanting to use your idea of putting them into a poetry notebook. Do you use only those word family poems? and I noticed that the kids find and circle all of the -at words. Do you use it as a center activity? and if so, what other extensions do you use to keep their attention afterwards? thanks!

  3. Thank you Randi! I'm glad you found me. My word family poems come from a few different sources. I'm going to get those resources organized and I will post them with in the next few days.

    Yes, my students do search for and circle the words, then illustrate the poem. I walk around and murmur my teacher talk, "Ohh... look at you go... Wow, you found so many..." I also tell them how many words are in the poem, so they can go back and find them. This usually only takes 5 minutes-ish. I don't use this as a center... but I could by having them share other poems with their partners, or using the highlighter tape on my large charted poems.

    I hope this answers your question. I will have the information post here by the end of the weekend. :-)



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