Friday, February 18, 2011

Morning Message-Riddles

Do you ever feel a little tired with your morning message?  A few times a week, I change it up with a "Riddle of the Day".  My kids really like this.

How it works in my class
I write the riddle on a piece of chart paper.  As the students come in I read the poem (usually 2-3 times throughout our "bell work" time).  Students grab a piece of scrap paper and write their guess on it.  They fold it up and put it in the Zip-Lock bag that is taped to the chart paper.

Once our morning calendar time has started I read the poem again with the students sitting at the carpet.  One-by-one we read and document the students' guesses with tally marks.  We get the total.  We graph it (see blank graph form at the end of this blog).
We identify the clues and draw a light bulb next to it.  We check the clues against the student guesses.  We figure out which one is the best answer.

Students also come up and trace the words that they know.  We brainstorm rhyming words and also look for word chunks.

We were "on it" today.  We recently talked about the Statue of Liberty, so everyone guessed it correctly... YAY!
This is my favorite book.  I noticed that Scholastic has it listed in their March See Saw and Firefly Book Orders for $10 or 260 bonus points.... Woo hoo!
Or you can get it at Amazon for about $10.
Riddle Poem Resources
Graph of the Day

How do you keep your morning message Alive and Kickin'?


  1. I love it! I stand at my dry erase board every morning racking my brain on how to make the morning letter more interesting. This is just the trick!

  2. I love using riddles! We do one every morning and call it the "Daily Challenge." I get all of my riddles from a great book called Dr. DooRiddles. It has riddles made for every grade level. The book starts off easy then works its way to harder riddles. My kids love it!

    I have attached a link below...

    Amy Walker

  3. Great idea... The morning message sometimes gets to be a chore. This will spruce it up!

    I am passing on the Stylish blog to your fantastic blog!

  4. Mrs. Willis I'm passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you.
    Love all your ideas!
    Ms. A

  5. I'm awarding you the stylish blog award!

  6. Thank you for sharing so many amazing ideas and resources!I love your blog and think you deserve being awarded the Stylish Blogger award! I received it from several others and would love to learn more about you!


  7. the graphing document won't load for me... not sure what's wrong with me today! technology is not my friend!

  8. Sorry Molli! That was my fault. I think I fixed it. You should be able to get it now.

  9. thank you! thank you! love your stuff!!

  10. This is very neat- thanks for sharing the book. I will have to get a copy of that!

  11. PS- I made your sidebar! Woohoo! I just noticed that! :)

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