Sunday, February 6, 2011


How do I love thee?  With poetry and song!

I have been asked where I get my word family songs and poems.  I have a few favorite sources.  My favorite-favorite (awkward expression) is from Scholastic

This has been the best investment  EVER!  I was not blessed the the gift of a beautiful singing voice, so the CD is a life saver.   BONUS: The songs are so cute (not annoying) and catchy.   Yes, I find myself singing them ALL. THE. TIME!
I don't think the print is big enough in the flip chart, so I rewrite them on my chart paper.

Chart Example

We use the high-lighter tape to look for the word family words (I don't have a photo of I hope you know what I mean)

These go into my students poetry notebook.  The students circle all the words they can find from that word family.  Then they illustrate the poem...CUTE! Here is your FREEBIE:

Word Family Sing-Along Student Copies

Since the flip chart has only 25 word families... I have to find other sources.  Here is one that I like.

Word Family Poems


  1. I'm looking at your picture of the at song and beneath you have spaces to hang student work....what are you using and how did you assemble it. I love the idea because I need more places to display student work.

  2. Mrs. A,

    This is where I hang my student's published writing. You may get a better view if you look at my 1/25/11 post "Writer's Workshop". These are super simple to assemble. The backing is just a laminated piece of construction paper. I attach a 3M command strip to the wall. I then use a binder clip to add and change the student work.

    Those command strips are amazing. Just about the only thing that will stick (and stay)on the block walls.


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