Friday, February 25, 2011

DRA and Retell... Oh My!!!

Do you have students who can decode well, but when they try to retell the story... it becomes disorganized?

I have adapted a format that Dr. Carol Barsby introduced me to.  I have made multiple copies and my students hold these shapes in their hands as they retell the story. Great for buddy reading, independently, or in my small group.
Click on the picture to download.
I will try to post photos of these shapes in action next week. 


  1. I have another idea that might help with this skill. I got this idea from Dr. Jean years ago and it has really made a difference. The kids use a pipe cleaner and add pony beads for each event in the story. First..(colored bead). So maybe if you are talking about the bears you would use brown beads and yellow for Goldilocks, etc. So when they retell the story the beads support their memory of each event. Sometimes I even make a little strip book with the language of the story and the students color in the "bead" next to it. When they go home to practice the parent has a reference. Just a thought...

  2. Oh great idea! They will love that idea! Perhaps we can grab some red, black, and white for Cat in the Hat this week!


  3. Thanks for adapting this to make it user freindly for our little guys. Have been loving her stuff. Great idea on the beads too! Can't wait for Dr. Seuss week!

  4. Thank you, Deedee! And, the bead idea is GREAT! My hubby's company creates beads, so we have them in abundance. Why have I not thought of this before?!


  5. Chrissy,

    How perfect for you! I know Fran had a great idea. Thanks again Fran!

  6. I can't find the Fiction Retell Organizer in your TPT store, and the link doesn't take me to it. Would love to see it.

  7. I would love to see this, but I couldn't find it in your TPT store. Is it still available?? I've just found your site! LOVE it! Thanks!

  8. Hi guys! I'm sorry about the missing link. I reload the DRA retell directly into Google Docs. You should be able to get it by clicking on the image.


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