Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writers Workshop

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Writers Workshop.  Here is a glimpse of how it works in my classroom.

I start my mini-lesson.  We have been working on storytelling to tell "more".  A student practices her oral story telling and the class helps to compose the message You can see we shared the pen on this writing.

The students are then released to write their own stories, while I meet with a small group of students.
Towards the conlusion of Writers Workshop, my small group students (4-5) share their writing under the document camera.

The remaining students share their writing with their writing partners then place their drafts in their writing pocket.
Students self-select a piece to publish every 2-3 weeks.  They are displayed under the white board.  A perfect place!

All of their drafts and their past published writings are added to their Kindergarten Writing books.  These are a favorite read for my students when they go to our classroom library.  It is fun to see them grow as writers throughout the year.  These books are sent home at the end of the year as a gift.  The parents love it!

This is how I keep track of my writers. Help yourself to a copy.

How does writing workshop work in your classroom?


  1. We use the Lucy Caulkins series are our school. I absolutely love it!!! Last year our kindergarten team even created our own mini-unit called Labels and Label books to supplement Launching the Writing Workshop in the fall. We have had great success with it.

  2. Ali ~ I so look up to her. She makes it all look so easy and natural. Ohh... I'm very interested in your Labels unit... please share!

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  4. Deedee,
    I recently found your blog and fell in love with it! I love the "kid writing" explanation for parents.
    So how often do you put their drafts/past publications into the book? It seems like a lot of binding/unbinding. Really like this idea - esp. the fact that they can read it in the classroom library. Also, do you give them writing prompts or just let them write about whatever they want?

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thanks Judy,

    I add pages after every time we publish, so every 3-4 weeks. I set my books up so I just add the pages to the back of their book. It takes me about 30 minutes.

    I do not give them prompts during writers workshop. I do ask them to write in a genre, but the choice is theirs. They do more prompt writing during reading responses.

    I hope that answers your questions.

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  7. I like your stuff. I've purchased some from TpT. I have tried to download "Writing Conferring Notes" from the link on this post, but docstoc won't let me get it without purchasing membership. I looked for it on TpT, but could't find it. Can you email it to me? Or is there another way to download it?


    Thank you.

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