Monday, January 31, 2011

Guinea Pigs and Snow Days

Theodora and I are cozy at home while we anticipate "the snowstorm of the decade".  As a former San Diego native... any snowstorm would  suffice.  Anyhoo... thought I would share a pic of my little gal.  Do you have a class pet?
Theodora... (AKA: Miss Pig)


  1. You really have a class pet? I wonder if my school would even allow it? It sounds so FUN!

  2. My class just loves her! I have to say she is low maintenance. She seems to gravitate towards the kids. She also motivates the kids to keep their voices quiet. At the beginning of the year I told them that she did not like loud noises. Now I hear my students say, “Shhhh… You are going to upset Theodora.” She also shows up in their writing quite a bit. Who knew she had so many adventures?

  3. I loved having "Miss Zoe" in my room last year. She helped with the noise level while she was "incubating" and once she got older! My students also wrote a lot about Zoe. I teach across the hall from Mrs. Wills and Zoe is a kitten I inherited when she was 2 days old. Now she is a big girl and stays at home.

  4. I wish you would write a guest post about your class pet on my blog!


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