Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Looking Ahead to March! With a FREE file preview

I love using math stations to help reinforce and practice stations.  I updated this unit last year.
In fact, I updated ALL of my Math Work Station files.  Over the years, I have tried to improve on products.  So, instead of making a whole new product, you can download the revision for no additional charge.  

How can you tell if you already own it?

1.  Check "My Purchases"
2.   Look at the product.  If you see the "add to cart" it means you do not own it.
3.  If you don't see the red "add to cart" you DO OWN it!  Yay!   Go get it!

You can see the other Math Work Station Themes that I have HERE.

 I have also updated my March Just Roll with It unit.  Someone requested that I add a subtraction page, so I did!  

This is always the time of year when I really focus on sight words.  Letters and sound have been learned, but for some, the sight words take a little longer.  Here are a few resources that I use.

 Time Me! is a great fluency practice station.
These are editable files that make customizing your interventions a BREEZE!

Click on the pictures to find these products.

 If you want to try this product out for FREE, you can click on the product preview and the Dental Health week for free!

Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine's Day Lesson Plans ~ Peek at my Week

Happy Valentine's Day WEEK!

What a great week to focus on LOVE!

I think this might be my classroom's favorite poem! Perhaps because it is downright silly!
You can find all of my original poems HERE.
You can find the recorded music that goes with them HERE.
 You can read the original blog post about this image and how I use it for early finishers by clicking HERE.

These Read, Trace, Glue, and Draw activities are what we typically used as our "morning work."  They are completed quickly and my students always seem to love them.   They are the perfect opportunity to discuss, practice, and reinforce:

Concepts about print
Letter formation
Using for first sound to figure out unknown words
Using the picture to figure out unknown words
Making sure your picture and text match
Drawing with details to make your meaning known

These are from the Valentine's Day edition.  You can find them HERE
You can see the BUNDLE HERE. (By the way... I want to add a few more themes to the ENDLESS BUNDLE.  I am taking suggestions.  If you have one, will you leave a comment?)

Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink is a fun book to use this week. 
We practice our comprehension strategies and interactive writing by:

Here is another book that is too cute for this week!
Crankenstein Valentine!
It was in the Scholastic See Saw book order, so it is included in our Listen Up! Listening Station units for February.

We always had a Valentine's Day party on the last day of the week.  This was a fun game we played.  The students used suction to move the conversation hearts to a bucket.  It was hilarious!
 You can find more February Themed ideas on my Pinterest Board HERE.

On final thing...
This week I will be sending out my newsletter that will include a free activity.  You will not want to miss this!  How do you get it?  It is easy and there are 2 ways.
1.   Look for this bar at the top of my blog.   Bada Bing, Bada Boom... you are done.  It will come to your inbox when it is done.
2. Look in your TpT "Inbox."  First you need to be sure you follow me.  That is pretty easy.  If you are not sure if you follow me already, just click on this picture below and you can double check. 
THEN, I will put your free file in your TpT inbox!  You can see that January's is already in there. One I publish February's free fill the January link will be broken and you will not be able to get it, so you may want to check it now.
Don't worry... if you miss February's free file, I will have another one in March!

Click HERE to download my lesson plans with resource hyperlinks.

Monday, February 1, 2016

How I organize games, updates, and FREE File

I have been making card games for my classroom since the days of index cards and Sharpies AKA: pre-cute fonts and clip art days.  Many of you know that I collect empty frosting containers to store them in.  

This is an old picture... but I am happy to announce that I have completed the updates on all of my old card games.  Woo! Hoo!
Now each game has its own "I Can" Card... {loud audible sigh}... AT LAST!

Why do we need to so many themes?  Why do we need to add novelty?  This is why!

So we change it up all. the. time.  And my students scamper to play the "brand new game" when actually it is the same game with a different theme. They are super engaged which makes them happy.  They are practicing important skills over and over again which makes me happy!

For some students, these activities might be a small group warm up.   Blend 3 phonemes, blend onset/rime, isolate the sounds, get your mouth ready for the first sound... everyone has a different need.  Therefore we use the cards differently.
For other students these activities are independent practice or they go great in the dessert (early finishers) tub.

As I said before, I FINALLY finished updating these games.

 If you have previously purchased them, you can just download them again at no additional charge.

AND this is a NEW bundle.    You can find that bundle HERE.  
It will be 50% off this week only.

And HERE is your free file.  This was a previous FREE file, that I have updated and reposted.

Have a fabulous night!
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