Saturday, October 25, 2014

Peek at my Week-Bats! (and a Giveaway)

Last week was a busy week.  On Wednesday we celebrated Missouri Day at our school.  We kicked our day off with some square dancing.

Yes, that is me Do-Si-Doing with the 4th graders.  They needed a stand in, so I was it!  
They kept me straight, nothing got broken... I call that a WIN!
 We got to feed a mule (Missouri's state animal)... plus a million other fun adventures!
Next week we are going to really hit those long vowel sounds.  I grabbed my picture sorts for comparisons.

 We will play Odd Man Out with the same picture sorts using this adorable Show and Tell Apron.
Next week we start our "How-to" writing unit!

 These are some of the great procedural text books we will explore.
We are also starting our 3rd unit of math!  We will focus on counting strategies this week.
In the past, this poem has always ranked one of the highest with my kindergartners.  I am hoping my friends will love it again this year!
 And here is my focus wall for next week!

Would you like to win one of those cutie aprons and a set of my All Sorts of Sorts unit?

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Targeted Word Study and Intervention

Over the last few weeks I have really worked on targeting my interventions and word study during my small group time.  At the beginning of the year, I sort of have a "cast the net" sort of approach.  Now I don't want to waste time teaching something that my student already knows.

ESGI makes it easy to see which specific skills are needed for each student.  This is what the parent letter looks like for sight words.  I can also create similar letters for letter ID and sound ID.

From these reports I can make learning goals for my students.  Then my activities in my small group can be targeted to these concepts.

A MILLION years ago, I started to create this unit and I finally finished it today.  However, we have been using it in my classroom for a few weeks.

We have used it with the spinner for sight words.

We also used it for initial sounds with the jumbo dice (not pictured.)
It is really easy to customize these pages.  I made text boxes.  You just need to type in the 5 letters you want to focus on... the rest of the page automatically fills in for you .  You can create a full page in less than 10 seconds... REALLY!

The same exact thing goes for the sight words.  This page look me literally 10 seconds to prepare!

Here is what is included in this unit.
Here is another resource that I have that allows you to target specific letters, numbers, and words.

As of last week 90% of my class knows all of their letters and sounds.  Those who do not at making quick gains each week towards that goal.

With sight words I am see similarly great results!

I have discounted both of these units until Sunday night, so grab them while you can!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Peek at my Short Week

This week is a short academic week for us... which works out great for me.  On Saturday I got to spend the day with some AWESOME kindergarten teachers in Wisconsin.  Despite some technical difficulties with projectors that had me testing the limits of my underarm deodorant (TMI?) we still had a great time!
Thank you Kristi, Linda, and Jessica for the photos!

I made an error yesterday when I entered my conference sale dates.  I just realized that my store is still on sale today... so my error is your WIN!  My whole store is still on sale today.

Next week my school is celebrating Missouri Day.  This is an all day celebration of all things MISSOURI!  We will have livestock, mountain men (hubba, hubba), and I am even going to square dance with my coworkers... oh yes, it is on! 

We also have our parent teacher conferences this week.  I am looking forward to sitting down with parents.  I will try to put together a post to share how I do them. 

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