Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So Thankful! Free download

So I seriously LOVED Indiana this week.  I am sitting here at the airport thinking of all of lovely people I met.  I know teachers come to conferences to learn something new, while that may happen, I have to tell you that I always walk away learning something from them.  

I was able to catch up with some long time friends and meet some of my cyber friends face to face!  

We went to dinner (center photo from left to right):
Brittany at Mrs.Banister's Blog
Lindsey  at Miss Law's Kinders
Goni from the Land of So-cool-but-no-blog
Me (um... did I need to say that it was me?)
Kim at Kindergals

*FYI Lindsey is my kindred Breaking Bad BFF.  I am seriously addicted to this guilty pleasure.  We are in the final episode and I am no longer a Mr. White fan... don't tell me what happens!

In the middle of one of my sessions I had an idea to make this Thanksgiving version of Making 10.  So here you go!

Click on the book for your FREE download.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Indiana!

I am looking forward to spending these next two days with teachers in Indiana! 

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Peek at my week... Poetry, word walls, and Indiana

Can you tell from this blog post title that this is a mish-mosh of ideas?

I will start with poetry.  Over that last few weeks,  I have been trying to snap photos of my friends during our poetry time.
These photos are from two separate weeks because when I am teaching, I don't always remember to take photos.
We read and "act out" our poem.  
Right now, we are looking for sight words that are on our word wall.

We add the poem to our poetry notebook and circle our word wall words.
We read and "act out" our poem.  
This particular week we thought of rhyming words and looked for vowels.
We read and "act out" our poem.  
We completed a related sort 
and added it to our interactive notebook.
We read and "act out" our poem.  
We complete another related sort for our interactive notebook.

We read and "act out" our poem.  
Students color an emergent reader that matches the poem.
(not pictured... #fail).

You can find the entire year's worth of poems HERE.

You can find the interactive notebooks HERE.
I was also asked about my word wall.  Here it is...
As you can see it is low to the ground, so the students can reach the words.   Despite the poor iPad photo quality the words are easy to read from anywhere in the classroom.  Each word is magnetically attached so we can USE the words.  As you can tell from their lack of perfect alignment, these are used a lot. 

It is tempting to "fancy up" my word wall with fun borders or bright background paper.  But then I remember that students do not need this additional visual noise.  So my word wall tips are:
1.  Make it interactive if possible (I know every room does not allow for that.)
2.  Keep it simple... save the busy borders and bright backgrounds for other displays.  This is visually confusing.
3.  Make sure the words can be clearly seen from anywhere in the room (see tip 2.)

I have my Thanksgiving sentences ready for next week!  
(Sorry for the bad iPad image) 
And here is my focus wall for next week.  

Lastly, I am so excited to head out towards Indiana today!   Two days with teachers while talking about kindergarten learning, sounds like a perfect way to start my week.   Will you be there?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 FREE Keyboarding sites for Kindergarten

I thought I would share the sites we are using to help with our typing and keyboarding skills here in  kindergarten.

These are from a site called Fun to Type.
Students type the letters that are shown on the balloons.
Also from Fun to Type.
 Students type the letters to move up in the jungle.
The final one that I want to share from Fun to Type is...

ABCYA has this fun and very basic activity.

It can be a challenge to find computer activities that are "just right" for this time of year in Kindergarten. 
I would love to hear about other sites you have come across!
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