Monday, April 21, 2014

Kindergarten Math Workshop HUGE Giveaway + Freebies = Happy! Happy!

This year math workshop has been so much fun!  My class has loved the hands-on math lessons and activities.  Their growth in number sense and problem solving makes this teacher's heart happy!

Deanna and I are pleased to have added our 8th unit to series.  Unit 9 should be available within the next few weeks.  The final unit (Unit 10) will be completed in May.

Here are some of the photos from the unit.

Our math vocabulary word wall.

Just a few of the math anchor charts...
 Fluency cards
1.  Fluency cards and task cards.
2.  Number bond fluency cards.
3.  Stored in a basket by my desk.
4. Skip counting cards and Base 10 fluency cards.

Because there are so many fluency cards, I created a little spinner to add a little fun to this daily routine.  You can grab it for free by clicking on the image below.
FB Fan Freebies File can not be seen from a tablet or mobile phone.
LOTS! and LOTS of hands on learning!

Here is the curriculum map for units 1-10
FB Fan Freebie File can not be seen from a tablet or mobile phone.
How would you like to win a boat-load of math resources?

Here is what you can win

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Peek at my Week Earth Day edition

This will be short, but sweet!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sight Word Interventions-FREEBIE!

The final 6 weeks of school are here... time for the final stretch.

So many of my friends are just a few words away from knowing all 54 of their words, but I have a few who have a way to go.  This got me thinking... dun, dun, dun, DUN!!!

For those kiddos who have a road ahead of them, I simplify.  I select 4-5 words each week for the student to receive intensive intervention lessons.   Each student still have their word rings that we started the year with which have 54 words on it, but I have highlighted the 4-5 words that I want them to master that week.

This is the freebie that I shared awhile back that explains how these word rings work.  They are free on my Facebook Fan Page.
(NOTE:  you won't be able to see the folder from your iPad or mobile phone)

My sweeties have these word rings to take home to practice, but I also wanted their day FILLED with learning these words... did I mention we only have 6 weeks left?   {she said in a frantic tone}.

I thought about a lanyard, but a coworker mentioned this could be a disaster with the water fountain.  So, I found these at Staples.

I am so grateful for the ESGI program.  After a quick assessment, I can easily see the words my kiddos still need to learn... THEN I can print flash cards for them... WITH! ONE! CLICK!

 This is what the cards look like.
  ESGI allows you to create lots of reports, but I just saved them as a PDF.   Then I printed them 2 to a page so the cards were smaller and they would fit into the badge pocket.  I decided everyone of my students would get one of these.  It literally took me 15 minutes to make my whole class set.  Did I mention that each card is printed with the student's names on them?  If they get separated from their owner, we can quickly get them in their proper place.

For my students who are on target, their pocket will contain all of the words they have yet to learn.  For my intervention students, their pocket will have the 4-5 focus words.  Through out the day, we can pull those cards out and do a quick check.  Students will coach each other.
Not gonna lie... sort of excited about this!

What about my students who know them all?  They will be wearing these.

These are also free on my Facebook Fan Page.

So what sort of activities will I use to reinforce sight words?

Time Me has been a class favorite all year, so I will keep this going in my stations.

We will also add some more Roll, Say, Keep activities.  This will be for Earth Day!

I love Cara's voice cards from her new fluency unit!  I will partner my intervention friends with other students so they can coach each other.
For my intervention friends, I used one of the reports from ESGI and selected the focus words.  The plugged them into my Super Speed Intervention unit.
I will also work with magnets... they love the cookie sheets!

How are you addressing sight word fluency?

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